Viper Rep Teams General Information

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Kitchener-Waterloo Vipers Rep Basketball


  • The KW Vipers Rep Teams are travelling teams which will play in two leagues, The Ontario Basketball League and The Coalition Basketball League
  • Season play will take place at predetermined locations within the extended Greater Toronto Area and around the Province of Ontario
  • Each Division's season will culminate in Ontario Cup Tournaments which take place at venues within the Province of Ontario (details/scheduling is pending)

Starting last season, all Viper Players are required to purchase their own jerseys (not included in Viper fee) These jerseys will be owned by each player and may be used for subsequent seasons (details will be made available at the first team meeting of the season). Each team will handle any jersey conflicts by seniority with the Viper program if necessary.


Boys Teams

Girls Teams

U10 Boys Howison

U11 Boys Mesquita

U11 Boys McNally

U12 Boys Bradnam

U12 Boys Phagu

U13 Boys Quigley

U13 Boys Brown

U13 Boys Langer

U14 Boys Mathura

U14 Girls Urosevic

U14 Boys Mesquita

U15 Boys Randell

U15 Girls Wicken

U15 Boys Witzell

U15 Boys Streit

U16 Boys Creighton     

U16 Boys Island

U17 Boys Urosevic

U17 Boys Mathew

U19 Men Knibb

U19 Women Tulipano     

U19 Men Smith

U19 Men Griffith

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