School Locations and Maps

School NameSchool Address
A.R. Kaufman Public School 11 Chopin Dr. Kitchener
Abraham Erb Public School 710 Laurelwood Dr. Waterloo
Bluevale Collegiate Institute 80 Bluevale Ave N, Waterloo
(J.F.) Carmichael Public School 80 Patricia Ave, Kitchener
Centennial Public School 141 Amos Avenue, Waterloo
Country Hills Public School 195 Country Hills Dr. Kitchener
Courtland Avenue Public School 107 Courtland Ave E, Kitchener
Crestview Public School 153 Montcalm Drive, Kitchener
Doon Public School 1401 Doon Village Rd, Kitchener
Eastwood Collegiate Institute 760 Weber E, Kitchener
Forest Hill Public School 255 Westmount Rd. E. Kitchener
Glenview Park Secondary School 55 McKay Street, Cambridge
Grand River Collegiate 175 Indian Road, Kitchener
Huron Heights 1825 Strasburg Road, Kitchener
J W Gerth Public School 171 Apple Ridge Dr. Kitchener
Janet Metcalf Public School 335 Seabrook Dr. Kitchener
Jean Steckle Public School 130 Woodbine Ave, Kitchener
John Sweeney Catholic School 185 Activa Ave., Kitchener
Keatsway Public School 323 Keats Way, Waterloo
Kitchener Collegiate Institute (KCI) 787 King St W, Kitchener
Lackner Woods Public School 151 Zeller Drive, Kitchener
Laurelwood Public School 460 Brentcliffe Dr, Waterloo
Laurentian Public School 775 Westmount Rd E, Kitchener
Lester B. Pearson Public School 520 Chesapeake Dr. Waterloo
Lincoln Heights Public School 270 Quickfall Dr, Waterloo
Lincoln Road Chapel 145 Lincoln Road, Waterloo
N.A. MacEachern Public School 580 Rolling Hills Dr, Waterloo
MacGregor Public School 32 Central St, Waterloo
Monsignor Doyle CSS 185 Myers Road, Cambridge
Northlake Woods Public School 500 Northlake Dr, Waterloo
Pioneer Park Public School 55 Upper Canada Dr, Kitchener
Queensmount Public School 21 Westmount Rd W, Kitchener
Resurrection Catholic Secondary School 455 University Ave W, Kitchener
RIM Park 2001 University Ave E, Waterloo
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate 110 Doon Road, Kitchener
Sandhills Public School 1250 Victoria St. S. Kitchener
Southridge Public School 1425 Queen’s Blvd., Kitchener,
Sir Edgar Bauer 660 Glen Forest Boulevard, Waterloo
Stanley Park Public School 191 Hickson Dr, Kitchener
St. David Catholic Secondary School 4 High St, Waterloo
St. Dominic 3 West Forest Trail, Kitchener
St. Kateri 560 Pioneer Dr, Kitchener
St. Lukes Catholic School 550 Chesapeake Drive, Waterloo
St. Mary Catholic Secondary School 1500 Block Line Road, Kitchener
St. Matthew 405 Pastern Trail, Waterloo
St. Nicholas Catholic School 525 Laurelwood Drive, Waterloo
Sunnyside Public School 1042 Weber St E, Kitchener
Vista Hills Public School 314 Sweet Gale St, Waterloo
W.T. Townshend Public School 245 Activa Avenue, Kitchener
Waterloo Collegiate 300 Hazel, Waterloo
Westheights Public School 429 Westheights Drive, Kitchener
Woodland Christian Secondary School 1058 Spitzig Road, Breslau

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