KWYBA Parent/Guardian Contract:


  • Display positive encouragement for all players and participants. Every child in our organization deserves our support and kind words. Negative comments, yelling and abuse directed at any player, coach, referee, other parent or any other spectator is strictly against league policy and could result in suspension.
  • Treat the Custodian(s) in any facility, with respect. Respond cordially to Custodian requests and direction when received. Address any issue with the team Head Coach.

Practice/Game Responsibility

  • Provide notification in all cases, of player late arrival or absence, prior to practices or games to the team Head Coach by voice or email message
  • Have player(s) arrive on time. If child is being left at a practice or game, return prior to the end of the event to pick them up. Coaches, while instructed not to leave until all players are gone, are not baby-sitters
  • Supervise siblings and other children. (Do not let young children/siblings run about the school. We're happy to have everyone there watching and having fun, but siblings cannot enter the playing floor during practice or games
  • Hallways, not immediately around the gym area, and change rooms are out of bounds. Stage areas, (where indicated) are out of bounds
  • Volunteer to help coaches and managers as needed. Time keepers and score keepers are needed for every game (Atom to Juvenile divisions)
  • Pick up any refuse, generated prior to leaving the gym. Please deposit all recyclables and refuse in the appropriate container provided

Facility Requirements

  • Follow the rules of the facility being used
    We are guests, the School Custodians represent our hosts
  • Park in designated parking spaces only. Under no circumstances, park in handicapped spots without a valid permit. Do not park in “no parking” zones. The custodian has every right to have vehicles in violation, towed without warning
  • Follow the indoor rules of gym facilities
    The entrance doors of some schools are locked for your protection. Do not bang on doors or windows. (The Custodian is not required to allow access to anyone until the permit holder (Coach) arrives
    • Never prop open school/gym doors ever. It is helpful if parents/guardians take turns volunteering to supervise the door for late comers
    • Please bring indoor shoes to wear into the gym. Remove wet or snow-covered shoes before entering the gym
    • Basketballs are not allowed to be bounced outside of the gym area. All play is confined to the gym area
    • Absolutely do not join players on the gym floor with outdoor shoes.
    • Do not leave garbage in the gym. Dispose of all water bottles and teach children to do the same.
  • Exit the facility promptly (at the scheduled end of practices and games)
  • Have fun!!! It rubs off on the kids. This is not serious stuff. We all try hard, but it's all in fun

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