Important House League Program Registration Information

KWYBA House League Program Registration Policy

  1. Every sports league program has registration deadlines and unique rules on how to assemble teams. The KWYBA has an evaluation period which will determine team rosters by division based upon the assessment of skill-level to create balanced teams.
  2. Team requests – The KWYBA realizes requesting certain teams for reasons of transportation, child care, friends, etc., would be appreciated by parents. However, we do not honour special requests. We are dedicated to the player rating system and making teams as BALANCED as possible.
  3. Because of team size restrictions, signing up does not guarantee a position on a team roster or a requested practice night. 
  4. The KWYBA takes registration on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  5. Team size – The KWYBA establishes a maximum team size for each division. Novice and Atom Divisions to be a maximum of 10 players per team and all other divisions a maximum of 12 players.
  6. The KWYBA will not allow a child to move up to an older age division, unless the younger division has an abundance of players and the older division is short of players. 
  7. A child moving up must have played at least one year in the division they wish to move up from. If there is a special request to move a player up, the Director of House League Operations will consider the request.

Creating Balanced Teams

  • Please note, before you register a participant for this program, the KWYBA utilizes an 'evaluation process' to ensure parity of teams. Only the child(ren) of a vetted and approved COACH is guaranteed a spot on the team. (limited to one Head Coach and one Assitant Coach per team). 
  • Siblings in the same Division will also be guaranteed a spot on the same team. 
  • We cannot accept requests or guarantee a specific Coach, team, or teammate in the league. Thanks for your support.

First time KWYBA members

There is a separate registration for the Viper Rep Program (Boys or Girls). Follow the Viper Rep Program Registration information to register for that program.

  • For those registering for the Viper Rep Program, selection is established by means of individual tryout
  • Once the tryout process is complete, those unsuccessful members will have the opportunity to join our very successful House League Program to continue to develop their skills. 
  • A registration to the House League Program must be made.

A request for a refund can be made to the Executive Administrator, if a decsion is reached not to pursue a KWYBA membership. In addition, please check the FAQ's - "Frequently Asked Questions" Section on this website. Most of your questions have been anticipated from past experiences and answered to the best of our ability