KWYBA Skills Development Clinic - 2022


Good to have you back !

Good News for all KWYBA Members and Players in our community who have not yet become members. 

We have been granted access to a four High School Gymnasiums, by the School Boards. We are excited for this opportunity after two years of being away.

This gym alotment unfotunately, is not enough to host a House League Program at this time.

However, our next best option is to host a Skills Development Clinic

On this page you will find details for tis upcoming clinic. First, check teh Clinic Information below.

Hope you have managed through the challenges and are safe and healthy

Clinic Information

Please read these details in its entirety. Missed information will prevent proper registration

Here is what you need to know and do to take advantage of this exciting opportunity:

  • This Clinic is being offered to these two age groupings; 8 to 10 year old players and 11 to 14 year old players
  • The Skills Clinic will start on April 23, 2022 for 8 weeks
  • The cost of the clinic is $325
  • We will utilize the following 2-hour time slots on Saturdays: 8am to10am, 10am to 12pm, 
  • Clinics are on Saturdays ONLY
  • Your time slot WILL BE ASSIGNED after you have successfully registered
  • There are 311 spots available 
  • Registration is "First Come, First Served"
  • The School Boards are not allowing spectators for the first three weeks of the Clinic
  • Registration closes April 19, 2022 at 11:59 pm


Please read carefully

Sportsengine (SE) is our Sport Mangement tool

Additional Information

Steps after registration confirmation:

  • Once your full payment is received, you are considered registered
  • Spots will not be reserved without full payment
  • Your time schedule will be assigned and communicated to you by email
  • Specific Next-step instructions will be shared by email, April 20, 2022, after registration closesas 
  • Registration is "First Come, First Serve"
  • Registration is open until April 19, 2022 or sooner, if the 311 spots are filled first

Registration Link

Registration is now closed

Welcome back

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