KWYBA House League Division Specific Rules

Novice (age 7 – 9)

  • Game play in Novice is 4-on-4. Use the 4 player Rotation Sheets during games.
  • Defense will be man-to-man and half court only. Once the defensive team secures player control of the ball, the other team must retreat into their backcourt behind the 8-second line.
  • No double teaming except when a dribbler clearly beats his/her man and can be stopped by the next available defender. However, once the dribbler is stopped, only 1 person is allowed to guard them from any direction.
  • No steals on the dribble.
  • No blocking shots. Defender’s hands MUST be straight up in the air. An illegally blocked shot will be counted as a successful basket.
  • There are no foul shots. Normal fouls shall be inbounded by the fouled team. When a team reaches the penalty (5th foul of a quarter), the fouled team will receive 2 points automatically and the defense will get the ball. If fouled on a shot, the team shall receive 2 points if the shot misses and 3 points if the shot is good. Defense will take the ball out-of-bounds on their end line.
  • No 3-point shot.
  • Officials will concentrate on calling the following:
  • out-of-bounds
  • travelling
  • double dribble
  • 8 seconds to advance to the front court
  • Over and back
  • Fouls