House League Coach Toolkit

Game Forms

The Player Rotation Sheet must be used for each game played. The sheet must be completed with the player name for each team prior to the start of each House League game.
Each Coach is responsible for adding player names to the sheet and should have the sheet available for review by the opposing coach or any game official.
The sheet is in MS Excel format. Information such as date, location and player name can be typed directly into the sheet after downloading.
Once all relevant information, required before the start of the game, has been input, the sheet can then be printed. There is also the option to print and handwrite the required information. Player names must be added in first and last name format.

Editing Instrcutions for the PC Excel Version of the Rotation Sheets

The sheet is password protected. To add Player names directly on the sheet:

  • Dowload the Player Rotation Sheet
  • Click "open" to access the sheet
  • Select a line in the Player Name area
  • Press any key and you will be promted to input a password
  • Type "kwyba" as the password (lowercase)
  • You will now have access to all input fields on the sheet

Player Rotation Sheets


4 on 4 Player Rotation Sheet - PC  Excel Version - Editable


4 on 4 Player Rotation Sheet - PDF - (Mac Users)


5 on 5 Player Rotation Sheet - PC  Excel Version - Editable


5 on 5 Player Rotation Sheet - PDF - (Mac Users)


Game Score Sheet

Game Score Sheet Completion Instructions                         


Game Score Sheet

Incident Reporting

Incident Report Form                                                                

Use this form to record any instance of player injury, conduct violation

or property damage etc. Completed forms must be submitted to your

Convener, within 24 hours of the incident.

Incident Report Form

Click here to download Incident Form.

Click here to download Injury Report Form.


Click here to access permit forms for Novice, Atom, Bantam, Major, and Juvenile. 


We have Coaches clinics where we will share practical drills, to help with your practices and games, led by our Director of Coaching Development.

Please wear gym clothes and sneakers.

Fundamental Skills Clinic




Coaches Clinic - Interested in Coaching for KWYBA?

It is mandatory for all coaches to attend one of our clinics prior to each season. Clinics will be offered approximately once per month. Get an early start and register now.

What is Involved?
-1 ½ hour of coaching fundamental skills and drills. These fundamentals will be required of every coach according to age division. (bring your running shoes and comfortable clothing)

- 1 hour of learning what is involved and what is expected of a YBA coach. We will go over club rules, conduct, etc. (bring a pen and a notebook)

What’s in it for you?

When you take the clinic and register to be a coach you will receive a free coaches shirt for the season.

You will be part of creating a more structured basketball development program for our youth.

Please email Steve at to register for the clinic.

Coaches Manual


Coach Application Form

House League Coach Application