K-W YBA House League Division Specific Rules

Atom (ages 10- 11)

  • Game play in Aton is 4 on 4; follow the 4 player Rotation Sheet during games
  • Defense will be man-to-man and half court only. Once the defensive team secures player control of the ball, the other team must retreat into their backcourt behind the 8-second line.
  • No double teaming unless the defense dribbles into it.
  • Foul shots will be taken from a spot 12” closer to the basket from the foul line.
  • No 3-point shot.
  • Officials will concentrate on calling the following:
  • out-of-bounds, travelling, double dribble
  • 5-second inbound violation
  • 8-second front court & over and back
  • 3 seconds in the key
  • 5 second closely guarded (non-dribbler)
  • Fouls