Annual General Meeting 2021-22 Season

Announcing: Return to In-Person AGM on Monday, June 27 starting at 7:00 pm

Murray Fried Room @ Activa Sportsplex, 165 Lennox Lewis Way, Kitchener


2021-22 KW YBA Annual General Meeting
June 27, 2021 7:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Opening Remarks (President)

3. Additions to Agenda

4. Approval of Agenda

5. Minutes of last AGM (October 4) 

6. Approval of Minutes

7. Business Arising from the Minutes

8. Executive Reports

I. President

II. Vice President - Discipline Committee

III. Secretary

IV. Treasurer

Adoption of Financial Report for 2021-22

V. Director of Coaching Development

VI. Director of House League Operations

VII. Director of Volunteer Coordination

VIII. Director of Special Events

IX. Directors-At-Large

9. Staff Reports

I. House League Manager

II. Executive Administrator

10. Amendments to By-Laws

11. Election of Executive Officers

a) Vice-President

b) Treasurer

c) Director of Special Events

d) Director of House League Operations

e) Director-at-Large

12. New Business

13. Closing Remarks (President)

14. Call for Adjournment

Previous Minutes

2020-21 KW YBA

Annual General Meeting

June 28, 2020 7:00 p.m.

Virtual Meeting



Present: John Illingworth, Alex Urosevic, Melissa Tulipano, Matt Buckley, Neil Mathura, Chris Mathew, Iain Harrison, Simi Singh, Tracy Hanke, Steve Knibb, Mel Kobe, Jozie Hanke, Julie Island, Shayan Nikaein, Sheri Cartwright (HL Manager), Darren Carter (Waterloo), Lisa Collins (City of Kitchener), Mike Quigley (Executive Administrator


  1. Call to Order (Introductions & Confirmation of Quorum) – 7:13 pm
  • Confirmation of quorum (16 voting members)


  1. Opening Remarks (President)
  • Hello and welcome, thank you all for attending
  • It’s been a heck of a year but we’re still here
  • We are in as good a position as we can be in and I’m confident that we will be able to get back to where we once were


  1. Additions to the Agenda - None


  1.  Approval of the Agenda – Motion (Melissa Tulipano) – second (Simi Singh) - Carried


  1. Approval of Minutes of October , 20 YBA AGM – Motion (Melissa Tulipano) – second (Simi Singh) – Carried


  1. Business arising from Minutes – None


  1. Executive Reports

i) President – John Illingworth

  • Most of my report was in my opening remarks
  • We have been paying attention to our community and adapting
  • We need to be focused on moving ahead

ii) Vice President & Chair of Discipline Committee– Alex Urosevic

  • No report


iii) Secretary – Melissa Tulipano

  • It’s been a slow year
  • No Kumar Classic this year – maybe in fall, esp. if we can get inside

iv) Treasurer – Simi Singh (Mike Quigley)

  • Day to day banking complete – still solvent with money in all accounts


BIRT the 2020-21 Financial Statement be tabled due to inactivity – (Melissa Tulipano – Simi Singh) – Carried


  • John – if necessary, we can hold a special meeting later in the year

v) Director of Coaching Development – Matt Buckley

  • No report


vi) Director of House League Operations – Steve Knibb

  • Had no play in HL so nothing to report
  • Little bittersweet that kids will be missing out playing
  • Looking for change in future


vii) Director of Volunteer Coordination – Iain Harrison

  • Again, no season so no volunteers
  • This was my last year as Director of Volunteers – thanks for continued assistance – will walk next director through steps – will be there to assist at next evaluation


viii) Director of Special Events – Neil Matura

  • Unfortunate there were no Special Events
  • Looking forward to next year

ix) Director-at-Large – Tracy Hanke

  • Ready for challenge of next year


x) Director-at-Large – Julie Island

  • Looking forward to getting things back to normal


  1. Staff Reports

                             I.        HL Manager (Sheri Cartwright)

  • Fielded emails all year regarding HL


                            II.        Executive Administrator Report  (Mike Quigley)

Viper Report

  • Did our best to keep players on the court when we were allowed
  • Followed all City and Provincial protocols to protect players
  • Actually had 30 teams ready to play but were only allowed to train
  • Became part of the founders of The Coalition (group of larger, strong clubs dedicated to all OBA stands for – may eventually develop an additional league
  • Helping develop the OBA Return to Play policies



  1. Amendments to By-Laws - None



10. Election of New Board of Directors


             I.        President (2 year term)

  • John Illingworth - nominated (Melissa) accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed

            II.        Secretary (2 year term)

  • Melissa Tulipano - nominated (Simi) accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed

          III.        Director of Coaching Development (2 year term)

  • Jody Brown - nominated (Mike) accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed

          IV.        Director of Volunteers (2 year term)

  • Shayan Nickaein - nominated (Melissa) accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed

           V.        Director-at-Large (2 year term)

  • Tracy Hanke - nominated (Melissa) accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed



11. New Business


Viper Uniforms

  • Initiative to have all Viper players buy and keep their own uniforms
  • Bylaw 22.02 says no additional fees can be added without unanimous Board of Directors approval and 2/3 approval at the AGM


BIRT the Vipers buy and keep their own uniforms moving forward. (Simi Singh – Steve Knibb) – Carried 2/3+


12. Closing Remarks (President)

  • I think this will be a positive change for the organization
  • Looking forward to getting back to playing basketball


13. Call for Adjournment

  • (Simi - Tracy – Carried (8:35 pm)