Annual General Meeting 2019-20 Season

Due to COVID-19, this year's AGM will take place as a Virtual Meeting on Sunday, October 4 starting at 7:00 pm


2019-20 KW YBA Annual General Meeting
October 4, 2020 7:00 p.m.
Virtual Meeting

1. Call to Order

2. Opening Remarks (President)

3. Additions to Agenda

4. Approval of Agenda

5. Minutes of last AGM (June 24, 2019) & SGM (November 3, 2019)

6. Approval of Minutes

7. Business Arising from the Minutes

8. Executive Reports

I. President

II. Vice President - Discipline Committee

III. Secretary

IV. Treasurer

Adoption of Financial Report for 2019-20

V. Director of Coaching Development

VI. Director of House League Operations

VII. Director of Volunteer Coordination

VIII. Director of Special Events

IX. Directors-At-Large

9. Staff Reports

I. House League Manager

II. Executive Administrator

10. Amendments to By-Laws

11. Election of Executive Officers

a) Vice President

b) Treasurer

c) Director of House League Operations

d) Director of Special Events

e) Director-at-Large

12. New Business

13. Closing Remarks (President)

14. Call for Adjournment

The link to the virtual meeting will be sent out to all members by email.

Nominations for Executive and Director positions should be sent to the Secretary at by September 30 at 12:00 noon.

Financial Statement 2019-2020 KW YBA

Click above to see the Financial Statement.


2018-19 KW YBA

Annual General Meeting

June 28, 2018 7:00 p.m.

Kitchener Memorial Auditorium

Activa Sportsplex, Murray Fried Room

Present: John Illingworth, Alex Urosevic, Melissa Tulipano, Matt Buckley, Neil Mathura, Chris Mathew, Iain Harrison, Simi Singh, Christina Laughren, Sean Ferguson, Tracy Hanke, Steve Knibb, Thomas O’Connor,  Sheri Cartwright (HL Manager), Darren Carter (Waterloo), Lisa Collins (City of Kitchener), Mike Quigley (Executive Administrator), Jose Hanke, Andrew Edgar


Presentations of YBA Scholarships to:

Jozie Hanke

Andrew Edgar

Gew Choul (absent)


  1. Call to Order (Introductions & Confirmation of Quorum) – 7:18 pm
  • Confirmation of quorum (14 voting members)
  1. Opening Remarks (President)
  • Hello and welcome to all members present
  • Thank you to this year’s Board for all their work – introduction of Board members
  • I will save my other remarks until my report


  1. Additions to the Agenda - None


  1.  Approval of the Agenda – Motion (Simi Singh) – second (Melissa Tulipano) – Carried


  1. Presentation of Minutes of 2018 AGM & SGM (Financials)


  1. Approval of Minutes of June 28, 2018 YBA AGM & Nov. 4 2018 SGM – Motion (Iain Harrison) – second (Melissa Tulipano) – Carried


  1. Business arising from Minutes – None


  1. Executive Reports

i) President – John Illingworth

  • Thank you all for coming out to our AGM
  • We had a great year not only for the YBA & Vipers but for basketball in general with the success of the Raptors
  • We are expecting similar results in growth
  • There has been a spike in questions from parents about next year
  • Challenges that we face are similar to all basketball organizations – lack of space
  • How do we adapt to cover the increased interest – don’t want to be turning kids away
  • Short term issue – office space issue
  • Options – like to get through sports hub
  • Long term – need our own home
  • Largest permit holder with WRDSB & WCDSB – anticipate issues with using that space
  • Met with other organizations & community leaders – various options – reality is we need fairly significant input – multi-year process
  • Excited to watch kids develop & see a full HL
  • Attended Viper Banquet & inaugural Viper Hall of Fame – beyond capacity
  • Reflects work of all volunteers
  • Interesting discussions & interviews with various media
  • All things point to a positive future
  • 2 other items – couple of situations & issues raised by parents concerning coaches – plans for formalizing complaint process – put more direct route on website – Board has oversight – all our policies were followed correctly

ii) Vice President – Alex Urosevic

  • There were some circumstances to deal with
  • Navigated our way through it- that’s why we are here


iii) Secretary – Melissa Tulipano

  • Referee clinic for Novice HL refs – pretty successful – hoping to run another this fall – probably in Nov.
  • Kumar Classic – raised $11,000 – biggest ever 60 teams – had Jr. NBA & HL players competing – lots of inquiries about next year

iv) Treasurer – Simi Singh (Mike Quigley)

  • It was a very successful year financially – all invoices have been paid to date and there is a surplus in the bank
  • Accountant has not had enough time to create a final Financial Statement so need to hold a Special General Meeting in the fall


BIRT the Financial Statement be tabled to a SGM early in the next season – (Christina Laughren – Steve Knibb) - Carried

v) Director of Coaching Development – Matt Buckley

  • Held coaching clinics for HL coaches
  • HL – observed a few practices with issues – corrected them
  • Developed dismissal procedures for i) coaches & ii) players
  • Chaired inquiry into dismissal of Viper player – created reports for i) cities & ii) internal


vi) Director of House League Operations – Steve Knibb

  • Very successful season – 568 players in HL – 72/72 Juveniles paid
  • Online version of Code of Conduct – 85% return by parents
  • New evaluation process -simplified – worked very well
  • Tiered Atom & Bantam Divisions from beginning
  • Added 2 new Bantam teams
  • Issues – space, replacement gyms
  • Conduct issues – serious measures dealt with at Mid Season Tournament & Championship Day
  • Split Pizza Day into 2 gyms
  • Plans – start planning earlier- July – registration structure – create more from SportSavvy – how to get early registration for veteran players
  • Increased popularity – more tiers at other divisions?
  • New electronic management for HL
  • Thank you to all the great coaches we have


vii) Director of Volunteer Coordination – Iain Harrison

  • Obviously growing – 91 coaches on list
  • Evaluation tweaked – went smoother – best yet – more efficient
  • 1 week grace period between evals & start – to organize teams – great
  • Coaches clinics split – classroom & gym sessions
  • Volunteer HL Coaches Dinner – 58 coaches biggest ever
  • 60% returning – 40% new
  • Try to help assist with dealing with parents – nervous for members – lots of new faces


viii) Director of Special Events – Neil Matura

  • Growth of basketball everywhere – seeing lots of new driveway hoops in neighbourhoods
  • Special events at WLU, U of W, Titans – all went well
  • Jr. NBA growing tremendously
  • Spring Clinics – parents want training for players

ix) Director-at-Large – Tracy Hanke – No report


x) Director-at-Large – Christins Laughren

  • Trying to understand the organization
  • Supported registration at HL & Vipers
  • Developed YBA surveys – sent out 4 different (Viper coaches & parents & HL coaches & parents – through Survey Monkey – 41% response rate – good – look at feedback & make adjustments
  • Go to events – sport in region – discuss our role
  • Titans – very supportive for minor basketball
  • Tourism in KW – tournaments create economy


  1. Staff Reports

                             I.        HL Manager (Sheri)

  • Made changes to processes – went smoothly
  • Online registration form – 90% collection rate
  • Few more changes expected – talked to SportSavvy – password to register early – direct registration for HL or Viper
  • Followed up on complaints immediately
  • Went over survey results & put together changes & improvements for next year
  • Create fundraising committee – have someone to chair already


                            II.        Executive Administrator Report (with Power Point) (Mike)

  • With such a large organization, facility use is a major issue. We had 96 permits from the WRDSB, 22 from WCDSB, 5 from the City of Waterloo, 2 from City of Kitchener & 15 OBL weekends at Conestoga College
  • Our membership continues to grow in all programs – this puts pressure on our resources (esp. facilitites & volunteers)
  • Players: 568 HL; 341 Vipers; 283 Summer Camp; 113 Jr. NBA;50 Spring Skills
  • We need to stay committed to skill development at practices and fully utilize our facilities
  • Increase in HL already reported

Viper Report

  • Another successful year – 31 teams went to their Ontario Cups – returned with 13 medals – 6 Gold, 2 Silver & 4 Bronze
  • 9 teams played in Championship/D1, 6 more in D2 or D3 (AAA level across province)



10. Amendments to By-Laws - None



11. Election of New Board of Directors


             I.        President (2 year term)

  • John Illingworth - nominated and accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed

            II.        Secretary (2 year term)

  • Melissa Tulipano - nominated & accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed

          III.        Director of Coaching Development (2 year term)

  • Matt Buckley - nominated & accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed

          IV.        Director of Volunteers (2 year term)

  • Iain Harrison - nominated & accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Acclaimed

           V.        Director-at-Large (2 year term)

  • Julie Island - nominated & accepted in writing
  • Tracy Hanke- nominated & accepted
  • Nominations closed
  • Vote – Tracy Hanke is new Director-at-Large


12. New Business – None


13. Closing Remarks (President)

  • Congratulations to all incumbents & new members of Board of Directors
  • We have been received awards from the City of Kitchener for 35 years of service & the Canada 150 Service Award
  • Success speaks for itself but also great when others speak highly of you
  • Goals & objectives in line with those of both cities – basketball offers an immediate affordable community for all
  • Thinking back on all differently-abled or intellectual challenged players we have had – we take them seriously as basketballers
  • Need to keep basketball accessible in our community
  • We have a great, well earned reputation across the province


14. Call for Adjournment

  • (Melissa - Matt) – Carried (8:51 pm)

SGM Minutes

2019 KW YBA
Special General Meeting
November 3, 2019 7:00 p.m.
Kitchener City Hall
Schmaltz Room

Present: Alex Urosevic, Melissa Tulipano, Simi Singh, Matt Buckley, Iain Harrison, Neil Matura, Christina Laughren, Tracy Hanke, Mike Quigley (Executive Administrator), Sheri Cartwright (HL Manager)

1. Call to Order (Introductions & Confirmation of Quorum) – 7:18 pm
• Confirmation of quorum (9 voting members)

2. Opening Remarks (Vice-President)
• The reason why this Special General Meeting has been called:
• At the 2018-19AGM in June we were not in position to make a formal financial report but we are now

3. Approval of the Agenda – (Melissa - Iain) – Carried

4. Presentation of the Financial Report 2018-19
• Simi (Mike) presented the Financial Statement
• Much discussion about several items in this report – especially with increases in expenses
• All questions were answered to the satisfaction of the questioner

5. Acceptance of Financial Report 20118-19– (Melissa - Neil) - Carried

6. Closing Remarks (Vice-President)
• YBA is in very good shape financially

7. Call for Adjournment
• (Matt - Simi) – Carried (7:48 pm)

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