Annual General Meeting 2020-21 Season

Due to COVID-19, this year's AGM will again take place as a Virtual Meeting on Tuesday, June 29 starting at 7:00 pm


2020-21 KW YBA Annual General Meeting
June 29, 2021 7:00 p.m.
Virtual Meeting

1. Call to Order

2. Opening Remarks (President)

3. Additions to Agenda

4. Approval of Agenda

5. Minutes of last AGM (October 4) 

6. Approval of Minutes

7. Business Arising from the Minutes

8. Executive Reports

I. President

II. Vice President - Discipline Committee

III. Secretary

IV. Treasurer

Adoption of Financial Report for 2020-21

V. Director of Coaching Development

VI. Director of House League Operations

VII. Director of Volunteer Coordination

VIII. Director of Special Events

IX. Directors-At-Large

9. Staff Reports

I. House League Manager

II. Executive Administrator

10. Amendments to By-Laws

11. Election of Executive Officers

a) President

b) Secretary

c) Director of Coaching Development

d) Director of Volunteers

e) Director-at-Large

12. New Business

13. Closing Remarks (President)

14. Call for Adjournment

The link to the virtual meeting will be sent out to all members by email.

Nominations for Executive and Director positions should be sent to the Secretary at by June 26 at 12:00 noon.

2019-20 KW YBA
Annual General Meeting
October4, 2020 7:00 p.m.
Virtual Meeting

Present: John Illingworth, Alex Urosevic, Melissa Tulipano, Matt Buckley, Neil Mathura, Chris Mathew, Iain Harrison, Simi Singh, Christina Laughren, Tracy Hanke, Steve Knibb, Raj Sing, Mel Kobe, David Yang, Jozie Hanke, Julie Island, Jon Mesquita, George Albrecht, Shayan Nikaein, Sarah Radovic, Sheri Cartwright (HL Manager), Darren Carter (Waterloo), Lisa Collins (City of Kitchener), Mike Quigley (Executive Administrator), Andrew MacKay (Financial Accountant)

1. Call to Order (Introductions & Confirmation of Quorum) – 7:07 pm
• Confirmation of quorum (22 voting members)

2. Opening Remarks (President)
• Hello and welcome to all members present
• It’s been so long since we played it’s hard to imagine what to say
• We will get through this pandemic and come back stronger

3. Additions to the Agenda - None

4. Approval of the Agenda – Motion (Melissa Tulipano) – second (Alex Urosevic)– Carried

5. Presentation of Minutes of 2019 AGM & SGM (Financials)

6. Approval of Minutes of June 28, 2019 YBA AGM & Nov. 4 2019 SGM – Motion (Melissa Tulipano) – second (Simi Singh) – Carried

7. Business arising from Minutes – None

8. Executive Reports

i) President – John Illingworth
• Thank you all for coming out to our AGM
• This was a year like no other
• Saw largest increase in registration for both HL & Viper teams
• Great success from start of HL season to conclusion – unmitigated success
• Viper success in positive season until cut short by shutdown by pandemic
• In good position to weather the stom
• Thank all Board members and volunteer coaches for making one of the most successful years

ii) Vice President & Chair of Discipline Committee– Alex Urosevic
• Didn’t have too many issues – they were dealt with without too much conflict – resolved
• Should continue on same path in the future

iii) Secretary – Melissa Tulipano
• Referee clinic for Novice HL refs – pretty successful – 11 new referees for Novice HL games – coaches were much better
• 2 teams selected to go to Children’s Games -cancelled
• Kumar Classic held Virtual – used NBA 2K - $1,500 raised for Brain Tumour
• Worked on committee for OBA Club Excellence project

iv) Treasurer – Simi Singh (Mike Quigley)
• Continued to convene HL – trying to work through a season cut short but finished
• Financial Statement (Andrew MacKay) – highlights
• $50,000 cash position on Sept. 1
• Deficiency of $15,000 compared to $13,000 plus from previous – loss of OBL games and Ontario Cups revenue (pandemic cancelled)

BIRT the Financial Statement be adopted for fiscal year of 2019-20 – (Mel Kobe – Alex Urosevic) - Carried

v) Director of Coaching Development – Matt Buckley
• Held coaching clinics for HL coaches
• HL – observed a few practices with issues – corrected them
• No consistent issues

vi) Director of House League Operations – Steve Knibb
• Fantastic season until the finish – huge influx of players – 623
• Very good year – few issues
• Mid Season Tournaments ran very well – convenors in charge throughout
• Pizza Day – well attended despite changes to final few weeks.
• Started using SportsEngine as management of registration and communication – sending out information – much easier – fantastic
• Interesting issue with school permits & teachers’ unions – permits cancelled – were able to crown winning teams in shortened season & playoffs – able to salvage season
• Pizza Day – exvellent end of season
• Recognition of players at Titan games – Titus at Midseason Tournaments
• Convenors took pressure off day-to-day events
• Thanks to Sheri for dealing with all the emails

vii) Director of Volunteer Coordination – Iain Harrison
• Season seems like a lifetime ago
• 62 HL teams – 120 Head & Assistant coaches – 7 convenors
• Evaluations – smoothest ever
• 1 week buffer excellent idea
• 3 coaches clinics = 95% attendance
• Raptors 905 Clinic @ Conestoga – well attended
• 63 coaches (15 with +1s) At Appreciation Dinner
• Thanks to everyone who helped at evaluations

viii) Director of Special Events – Neil Matura
• WLU & U of W Days – well attended – good support
• All special Events well attended
• Partnership with Titans very nice

ix) Director-at-Large – Tracy Hanke – No report
• Registration with Viper – great success
• Unfortunate season ended by pandemic
• Worked with Jr. NBA – nice to see young ones learn

x) Director-at-Large – Christina Laughren
• Submitted written report (attached)

9. Staff Reports
I. HL Manager (Sheri)
• Fantastic year with unfortunate ending
• Started using SportsEngine – excellent results
• 62 HL teams
• Had to turn players away again
• Helped teams that had problems
• Sent condolence to family of one of our coaches we lost in an accident

II. Executive Administrator Report (with Power Point) (Mike)
• With such a large organization, facility use is a major issue. We had 98 permits from the WRDSB, 26 from WCDSB, 7 from the City of Waterloo, 2 from City of Kitchener & 7 OBL weekends at Conestoga College
• Lost OBL dates and 2 Ontario Cups to pandemic
• Our membership continues to grow in all programs – this puts pressure on our resources (esp. facilitites & volunteers)
• Players: 623 HL; 391 Vipers; 231 Summer Camp; 226 Jr. NBA; Spring Skills cancelled
• We need to stay committed to skill development at practices and fully utilize our facilities
• Increase in HL already reported
Viper Report
• Another successful year – until seasons cancelled – only U10 teams got to finish at Ontario Cups

10. Amendments to By-Laws - None

11. Election of New Board of Directors

I. Vice President (2 year term)
• Alex Urosevic - nominated and accepted
• Nominations closed
• Acclaimed

II. Treasurer (2 year term)
• Simi Singh - nominated & accepted
• Nominations closed
• Acclaimed

III. Director of House League Operations (2 year term)
• Steve Knibb - nominated & accepted
• Nominations closed
• Acclaimed

IV. Director of Special Events (2 year term)
• Shayan Nickaein - nominated & accepted
• Neil Mathura – nominated & accepted
• Nominations closed
• Vote – Neil Mathura elected

V. Director-at-Large (2 year term)
• Julie Island - nominated & accepted
• Christina Laughren- nominated & accepted
• Nominations closed
• Vote – Julie Island is new Director-at-Large
• Huge thank you Christina for all the work that you did on behalf of the Board for the past 2 years

12. New Business – None

13. Closing Remarks (President)
• Thank you to everyone on the Board for all their work
• Welcome to new and returning incumbent member of the Board
• As the organization grows – need to move away from hands-on to overseeing
• Committees are the way we need to grow – so much to do
• Can’t wait until we can meet in person again

14. Call for Adjournment
• (Simi - Melissa) – Carried (9:50 pm)

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