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KW YBA Mission Statement

Our Mission

We provide an opportunity for the youth of Kitchener-Waterloo to play basketball in a positive, instructive and supportive environment.

We are inclusive, making our program available and affordable to the broadest range of boys and girls.

We aim to teach sportsmanship, how to have clean and healthy fun, the basics of basketball and general athletic skills and training.

We aim to promote physical and mental fitness, respect for self and others, responsibility to self and others, appreciation for volunteers, appreciation for our communities and the facilities they provide.

K-W YBA offers basketball programs at the house league and rep or all-star levels. The YBA house league program begins for players 7 and older. We have allowed some 6 year olds if they are prepared for the team environment. Our oldest division groups players aged 15-18. The all-star program has various teams for players ranged from 8 to 19 years of age.

There are two main areas of focus for the YBA program- to have FUN and to develop the basketball skills and knowledge of its participants. Our youngest age group does not keep score for most of the season, focusing on the play on the court, not on who may have won or lost. We are developing young players, coaches and officials at that level. We offer coaching clinics to all our coaches and we are striving to enhance their development as well.

We are also a proud member of Ontario Basketball:

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