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About Us

About the KW-YBA

K-W YBA offers basketball programs at the house league and rep levels. The YBA house league program begins for players 7 years and older. We have allowed some 6 year olds if they are prepared for the team environment. Our oldest division group players range in ages from 15 to 18. The rep program has various teams for players ranged from 8 to 18 years of age.


There are two main areas of focus for the YBA program: to have FUN and to develop the basketball skills and knowledge of its participants. Our youngest age group does not keep score for most of the season, focusing on the play on the court, not on who may have won or lost. We are developing young players, coaches and officials at that level. We offer coaching clinics to all our coaches.


The house league season kicks off the week of in October and runs until the first weekend in March ending with our championship day. Typically, there is one practice at the beginning of the week with a game at the end, each lasting about one hour. We try to hold practice times on Mondays or Tuesdays, with the same school and time being used throughout the year. Games normally are played on Friday nights. YBA house league runs on an "equal play for all" policy.


The rep (Vipers) program has teams travelling to various other cities playing teams in their respective leagues. Players are selected by team coaches and staff with tryouts being open for all YBA registered players. Each player must be registered before they are allowed to participate in rep tryouts. In order to hold a roster spot in their house league division, potential Viper players should register by the designated date. Anyone registering after this date will be charged the late fee. Registration fees vary each year, with budgets decided by tournament fees, gym costs, length of the season and the size of teams. Each player must pay their respective house league fee and will be billed the balance upon making the team.


The rep program takes more of a time investment for players and parents. There are normally 3 practices each week, 1 of them being on Saturday. Ontario Basketball League games are held on weekends (either Saturday or Sunday) with teams playing 2 games that day. Locations range from KW to Whitby to Barrie. There may also be 1 or 2 weekend tournaments each season in cities throughout Ontario with the OBA championship Ontario Cups held in April or May.


We are always looking for volunteers for our program. Parents can help out by offering to coach or score keep and time games.