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Convenor Responsibilities

Convenor Duties/Responsibilities

The Role of the Convenor in K-W YBA

The convenor is the main link between our executive and the coaches and players of each division. It is the convenor's primary responsibility to ensure that information is communicated from the executive to coaches, and vice versa, and that participants receive adequate support and assistance from the league and its executive. Inquiries and requests of the coaches, players and parents must either be dealt with by the convenor, if possible and appropriate, or commmunicated promptly to the executive for response. These responsibilities require each convenor to

  • attend executive meetings, generally monthly
  • distribute circulars and pass along information from executive to coaches
  • call or contact coaches with scheduling and venue information and changes
  • keep in touch with coaches, players and parents on ongoing basis, routinely visiting games and practices to make sure that all is going well;
  • making yourself known to all participants;
  • identifying trouble spots and problem situations, offering assistance or at least ensuring that the league and executive are aware

Specifically, the convenor must oversee the organizational aspects of the division, in consultation and co-operation with the coaches. This includes:

  • determining the number of teams that will be in the division and recruit or select coaches as needed;
  • organize player evaluations and placement of players on teams;
  • develop the regular season schedule;
  • organize both year-end playoffs and mid-season tournaments;
  • assist with the handout of equipment and uniforms as required;
  • distribute information to coaches, parents and players;
  • meet with school custodial staff and monitor for any facilities problem;
  • work with referees (and scheduler) and monitor issues relating to that division;
  • attend executive meetings as requested;
  • perform any general administrative activities including tracking results;
  • any other work required to monitor or support activities in a particular division, including recruiting volunteers, coordinate team pictures, etc.

In order to be an effective liaison, a convenor must be familiar with the league's code of conduct, and in particular with our fair-play and equal lay requirements. In dealing with coaches and players, respect and diplomacy will also be key, and if there is a problem or dispute which is not easily resolved by referring to the code of conduct, then the situation should be communicated to the executive for further action.

Having spelled out the job requirements, we must add that YBA means fun for everybody, not just the kids. The convenor should not only be an ambassador for the sportsmanship and fair play spirit the league embraces, get in there and have fun yourself!!