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KW YBA House League Rules

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K-W YBA House League FIBA Rules


All KW YBA House League games will be governed by FIBA (International Basketball Association) rules with modifications for the younger divisions as outlined at the end of these rules. These rules shall be enforced by the division convenors and referees. Any changes that come into effect will be provided to all coaches and the Referee’s Board as needed. For a full review of all FIBA rules, go to




  • Each HL game will consist of twelve (12) 4-minute shifts, running time.
  • Three (3) shifts = 1 quarter
  • Each new shift will begin with an inbound at half court by the team with the alternating possession arrow. There is no timeout between shifts. The new shift will begin immediately after the previous shift ends.
  • There will be a halftime break to a maximum of five (5) minutes depending on time remaining in the scheduled game slot.




  • In regular season HL games, if the score is tied at the end of the final period, there shall be no overtime. The score will stay as a tie.
  • In playoffs or the Mid Season Tournament, there shall be overtime. The length of each extra period shall be 2 minutes. There will be a jump ball to begin any overtime period. All extra period statistics shall be considered as part of the fourth quarter.




  • Team and officials will be prepared to start games at the designated time on the schedule.
  • Each team must have a coach on the bench before the referees will start a game. If the regular coach is not present, a parent may be designated to take care of the bench duties.
  • There will be a maximum of 10 minutes grace period if teams do not have 5 players, after which a forfeit will be given to the team ready to play.
  • In forfeit games, the score shall be recorded as 2 – 0.
  • If both teams forfeit, the score shall be recorded as 0 – 0.
  • Games started late will be played in a shortened format to allow the next game to start as scheduled. Priorities for this      shortening shall be eliminating or shortening the following:
    • Halftime break
    • Break between shifts
    • Length of shifts



  • All players must wear their YBA HL jersey. Legal numbers are 0 – 15.
  • No jewelry may be worn by any player on the court. It must be removed, not covered. This applies to rings, piercings, chains, earrings, bracelets and hair paraphernalia (hairpins, combs, etc.)
  • Pierced earrings MUST be removed. They cannot be just taped over.
  • Medic alert bracelets should be kept by the parent during the game but, lacking that, they may be taped over tightly to the wrist.



Equal Participation Rule:


  • This rule is in effect for the entire game in all divisions. Coaches should use the templates provided by the YBA to ensure  they are following this practice.
  • Remember – equal play for everyone, every game.
  • Coaches must show their opposing coach their Participation Form prior to the beginning of the game.
  • Consequences:

Should a coach refuse to show his completed Participation Form to the opposing coach prior to the game, then that game shall be considered a forfeit until he does so.

  • If players arrive late, after the game has begun, the coach MUST make up a new Participation Form for the new number of players starting at the next shift.


**Note – A coach may remove a player from the court or from a scheduled rotation spot because of a gross breach of discipline either on the court or on the bench. They must inform the opposing coach of this at the time with appropriate reasons and send an email to the Vice President indicating the actions taken and reasons for them.


Timing and Scoring:


  • There should be a timer and scorer in place before the referees start a game. These can be parents or other spectators. There should be one from each of the competing teams to handle these duties.
  • The timer shall use a stopwatch or the score clock provided by the YBA to keep track of the time for each shift.
  • The scorer shall use the official YBA HL score sheet to record the scoring of the game as well as the flip charts or score board to show the score of the game.
  • The referees will initial the score sheet at the conclusion of the game.




  • Fouls shall be recorded on the game score sheet. All fouls (personal or technical) count against both the individual player and the team.
  • After a combination of 5 fouls (personal/technical), a player shall be disqualified from the rest of the game.
  • A team is in a team the penalty situation when it has committed its fifth (5)  team fouls in a quarter. The fifth and all subsequent  non-shooting fouls shall be penalized by two (2) free throws, instead of a throw-in.
  • Team fouls are reset to 0 at the end of each quarter (3 shifts) except in the case of overtime periods.
  • Any player receiving 2 or more technical fouls in 1 game shall be suspended for the next game and the Division Convener shall be notified.
  • Players receiving 2 Unsportsmanlike fouls in the same game will be ejected from the game and will be suspended for 1 additional game.
  • A player receiving a second ejection during the season (including Mid Season tournament and playoffs) must appear before the YBA Discipline Board before they are allowed any further participation in games or practice.


Time Outs:

  • Each team shall be permitted one (1) 30 second timeout per half (no carry over).
  • In ALL divisions, the clock shall be stopped during the timeout.
  • In accordance with FIBA rules, timeouts can only be granted in a dead ball situation. The coach must ask the scoring table for the timeout prior to a stoppage in play. At the next whistle, the timeout will be granted.
  • Each team has 1 timeout in each overtime period.




  • Man-to-man defense only MUST be played in the Novice, Atom and Bantam Divisions.
    • Man-to-man defense will be defined as:
    • Each defender must guard an offensive player inside  the boundaries of the 3-point field goal line and make all of the defensive moves associated with the offensive player.
    • If defending a player on the “help” side of the floor, the defensive player may not have any feet in the key until his/her teammate guarding the ball has been completely beaten off the dribble by the attacker.
    • Accidental double teams (ie. When an offensive player dribbles toward a teammate and their defender) is not a violation unless the defensive players do not immediately retreat back to their original checks.
  • Consequences:

Coaches will be reported to the Division Convenor who will pass along the complaint to the Executive Board’s Discipline Committee for investigation.



  • Out-of-Bounds
    • A player is out-of-bounds when any part of his/her body is in contact with the floor or any other object on, above or       outside the boundary line.
    • The ball is out-of-bounds when it touches:
      • a player or any other person who is out-of-bounds.
      • the floor or any other object on, above or outside the boundary line.
      • the backboard supports, the back of the backboard or any object above the playing court.
  • Travelling
    • It is the illegal movement of one or both feet in any direction beyond the legal limits (ie. pivoting) while holding a live ball on the playing court.
    • It is legal when a player falls and slides on the floor while holding the ball or, while lying or sitting on the floor, gains control of the ball. It is illegal if the player then rolls or attempts to stand up while holding the ball.
    • It is illegal for a shooter to remain in contact or catch a shot that has been blocked or forced back before returning to the floor.
  • 3 seconds
    • A player may not remain in the opponent’s key for more than 3 consecutive seconds while his/her team is in possession of a live ball in their frontcourt.
    • A shot negates team possession once it has been released.
  • Closely guarded player
    • A player who has control of a live ball when an opponent is in an active guarding position within one (1) metre. This player must pass, shoot or make an attempt to attack the basket on the dribble within five (5) seconds.
  • 8 seconds
    • A team has 8 seconds to advance the ball from their backcourt to their frontcourt following a change of possession.
  • Ball returned to backcourt
    • Once the ball has been established in a team’s frontcourt, it is not allowed to be returned to its backcourt. This also applies to throw-ins once the ball has front court status.


  • Free Throws
    • Only 3 players from each team are allowed to occupy positions around the key. This includes the free throw shooter as one of the offensive players.
    • No player is allowed to occupy the space below the blocks on either side of the key.
    • All others must be outside the 3-point line above the foul line extended.
    • Players in the rebounding positions on the key are allowed to enter the key once the ball has been released by the free throw shooter.
    • All other players, including the shooter, must wait until the ball hits the rim or the free throw ends.
    • The shooter has 5 seconds to shoot his/her foul shot.


K-W YBA House League Division Specific Rules


Novice (age 7 – 9)


  • Game play in Novice is 4-on-4. Use the 4 man rotation sheets during games.
  • Defense will be man-to-man and half court only. Once the defensive team secures player control of the ball, the other team must retreat into their backcourt behind the 8-second line.
  • No double teaming except when a dribbler clearly beats his/her man and can be stopped by the next available defender. However, once the dribbler is stopped, only 1 person is allowed to guard them from any direction.
  • No steals on the dribble.
  • No blocking shots. Defender’s hands MUST be straight up in the air. An illegally blocked shot will counted as a successful basket.
  • There are no foul shots. Normal fouls shall be inbounded by the fouled team. When a team reaches the penalty (5th foul of a quarter), the fouled team will receive 2 points automatically      and the defense will get the ball. If fouled on a shot, the team shall receive 2 points if the shot misses and 3 points if the shot is good. Defense will take the ball out-of-bounds on their end line.
  • No 3-point shot.
  • Officials will concentrate on calling the following:
    • out-of-bounds
    • travelling
    • double dribble
    • 8 seconds to advance to the front court
    • Over and back
    • Fouls


Atom (ages 10- 11)


  • Defense will be man-to-man and half court only. Once the defensive team secures player control of the ball, the other team must retreat into their backcourt behind the 8-second line.
  • No double teaming unless the defense dribbles into it.
  • Foul shots will be taken from a spot 12” closer to the basket from the foul line.
  • No 3-point shot.
  • Officials will concentrate on calling the following:
    • out-of-bounds, travelling, double dribble
    • 5-second inbound violation
    • 8-second front court & over and back
    • 3 seconds in the key
    • 5 second closely guarded (non-dribbler)
    • Fouls


Bantam (ages 12-13)


  • Defense will be man-to-man.
  • Full court defense allowed if the point spread is less than 20. If more than 20 the team that is behind may still press.
  • 3-point shot if the floor is marked.
  • All regular FIBA rules applied.



Midget (ages 14-15) & Juvenile (age 16 – 17)


  • Man-to-man or zone defenses may be played.
  • Full court defense may be played unless there is a greater than 20 point spread in the score. The team that is behind may still press.
  • Last 4-minute shift will be stop time unless there is more than a 10 point spread.
  • Other than these minor changes, game should be treated as a regular Club game.